Our mission is to promote field hockey within the community offering young ladies the opportunity to develop an understanding of the game, their skills & game strategy in a fun and competitive manner while they learn team work, sportsmanship and fair play

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How do I pick a field hockey stick?
Generally, stick length is related to height.
However, players have different preferences based on style of play, field position, and comfort level. If you are a forward or midfielder, you may want a shorter stick than a defender would prefer because shorter sticks allow for better maneuverability.

When choosing a field hockey stick, select the length that you can control comfortably.

Place the index finger of your right hand on your right hip bone.
Place your middle and ring finger next to your index finger.
The top of the stick should approximately reach the side of your ring finger.

Consult this guide to help you determine which stick length is right for you:
Stick Size               Height  
     31"               4'3" and under
     32"               4'3" - 4'6"
     33"               4'6" - 4'9"
     34"               4'9" - 5'
     35"               5' - 5'3"
     36"               5'3" - 5'7"
     37"               5'7" - 5'10"
     38"               5'10" and up.