Our mission is to promote field hockey within the community offering young ladies the opportunity to develop an understanding of the game, their skills & game strategy in a fun and competitive manner while they learn team work, sportsmanship and fair play

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Girls are responsible for their own equipment.

Items Required:

1)  Field Hockey Stick  
(A limited supply of sticks are available for girls in the K-2 program)
2)  Colored mouth guard   (without strap)
3)  Shin guards    (those with ankle pads are recommended)
4)  Cleats   (not required for K-2 program)
5)  Protective Eye Wear      NEW in 2011 
As of the 2011 season, the leagure requires protective eye wear.The protective eyewear is distinguished by two different construction styles, polycarbonate lens style and a wire frame style. Both styles are acceptable for high school competition as long as they meet the ASTM F2713-09 standard.  ALL GIRLS WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE GOGGLES IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE REGARDLESS OF AGE.  

 The above equipment is the responsibility of each participant and mandatory in order to practice and play. 

There is no jewelry allowed at practice or games, so wait to get ears pierced!